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Student Case Studies & Success Stories

Are you curious what type of results you can accomplish with creators training? Here are just a few client interviews to show you what’s possible!

Landed a $10,000 client using our sales process

Cameron Cruz

Created & Launched A $20k/mo with Creators Training

Emily Fisher

Landing multiple $15k-18k Clients in the first 3 Months!!

Lyssa Scott

Making over $40k per month after joining Creators Training!

Client Reviews

Our work benefits our client’s businesses, but don’t take our word for it. Check out our reviews.

Taylor Young

I’ve been a DIY creator since childhood and have spent countless hours watching tutorials on how to get started with new softwares & skillsets. I struggled to develop a clear career path that brought in real $$ though. I am amped on Creator’s Training because it’s taking me full circle. There is a clear path of learning, doing the module exercises, then submitting your work for review and working with other students & teachers to solve any hiccups you hit along the way. I’ve realized that action steps and follow through make or break your growth. The community vibe is top notch. Everyone’s willing to help out and share successes, failures, solutions & tools that they’ve built their lives & businesses around.

Raul Bailon​

I came looking for copper and I found Gold. Julian cares about his students and associates. I came looking for a mentor, strategies, and skills to help me get to my ideal entrepreneurship life. What I found was that, PLUS a community full of like-minded individuals from all around the world (even Spain like myself), tons of support from them, inspiration, and a way more profound mindset growth than I would have ever expected. Overall a solid 11/10 (the Notion template is too much to be real haha)

Tori Peterson

Noah Ross​

For anyone who is skeptical about joining, I personally can assure you that if you put in the time to work towards your goals you will see results through this course. Julian and his team consist of some great people that just want to see others succeed. The community within the program is super friendly and most importantly very helpful & insightful.

Trishana Tuyet Pham​

Julian and Jenny work so so hard to make this program work, with consistent weekly calls that you can tell they are engaged in. I definitely recommend this course if you are willing to put in the hard work to get you to success.

Jean Perea​

Jenny and Julian have really made something special here. I’ve bought a couple courses before, but none were nearly this hands on and packed full of value. This course makes it impossible to fail and gives you tools to genuinely help people, while also making a ton of money! I can’t recommend this course enough! I’ve already made enough money to pay off this course TWICE.

Matthew Milus

3 months later and I now have a high paying skill that is going to take me out of the 9-5 rat race and into creating the life I want 💪🏼 Julian and his team stay with you every step of the way and help you with any problems you may encounter. The weekly zoom meetings take a lot of that fear of uncertainty away and give you confidence. The community is lit and people are always posting to help and sharing wins and stuff. Super cool. It’s full of people who are crushing it and are there to help you crush it. You are also there with like-minded people who are going through the program with you and you motivate each other along the way. Definitely worth the investment in yourself here. The only way things are going to change is if you are willing to change and grow. This is a great way to do so.

Antonio Peralta

I was hesitant at first but yes this training is absolutely worth it! It’s everything it promises and more. As long as you take action, stay consistent and do all the training as well as follow the mentors guidance you will become successful. I would recommend this to anyone looking to level up their life.

Lauren Milus

Definitely a course that teaches you a useful new skill. They set a good foundation and provide you with some really good tools to help you progress. It requires a lot of action on your end, which helps you learn a lot! It always requires discipline and making sure you put the time and effort in. The weekly calls with the coaches are super helpful, you can ask all kinds of questions and learn new things from others in the course as well! 

Benoit Ratigan

I am usually very skeptical when it comes to online courses being marketed as the next big thing – if anything there are way too many out there to confuse the most sensible minds. Creators Training gave me time to think about my decision whilst explaining that this course is here to teach me online skills which help businesses get better exposure in their respective markets, and not a, get rich quick scheme! Jenny and Julian’s message is pragmatic and they do emphasise, that work, discipline and dedication will pay off provided I stay open to learning and remain focused on my goals. A few things that have already impressed me is the way this course is structured in a systematic and logical way and the regular support which they promised on the first call is really there. In addition to this I am now part of a community of likeminded driven individuals from all walks of life and geographical locations.

Rocky Manrique

This program is definitely the best online program I have ever been a part of. Julian and Jenny really care about your success if you’re willing to put the work in. I’ve seen this program grow and evolve as they are constantly listening to their clients and striving to make the program easier and more beneficial. If you’re on the fence just do it!

Jazmyne Kellet​

After the first few videos of Julians training, I knew it was so much more than your average course.  I’ve done many courses from universities and other learning platforms in hopes of starting my online career, but as you probably can guess, they didn’t lead anywhere.  They were always lacking the information and mentorship I needed to be successful. Julians course does it all, and more.  It’s a mentorship, a community new friends, and skills training all wrapped into one beautifully laid out platform.  It teaches you so many valuable skills for life in general, like how to change the way you think, how to use your brain in the most productive way possible and how to avoid common pitfalls of your own mind as you continue your journey to success.

Nick Schwab​

This is hands down the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. The content is top-notch, better than any college course I’ve taken, and the mindset shift is enough to change your life.

Daniel Glinksi

Jasmine Sung​

Hands-down life changing. I was praying for an opportunity like this and wow has my life completely transformed. I was so tired of being exhausted and disrespected as a nurse and the second I joined this course, I was able to resign. Now, this has given me the life style I have always dreamed of and Julian makes it so easy to be successful, no matter where you come from. If you go in with an open mind, you will come out a changed version of you and you will realize the opportunities Creators Training has given you

Bri Johnston

Where do I even begin…. To say the least, this program has been completely life changing. I’ve learned more in 3 months than I did in all of my years in school. Julian is an absolute genius… but not only that he has put together such an amazing program and community that reminds us daily of our hard work and dedication. Im getting ready to sell my first client with full confidence. This program is difficult and time consuming but in the best possible way! The money you will soon be making is all worth it!! I have already recommended to all my friends and family. So grateful for this experience!!

Bella Badell

I have one week inside Creators Training and I feel I have been welcomed to a golden community. In the little time being I already have been able to build my first website and I am using all this knowledge not only to improve my life money wise but to enhance my career as filmmaker in general. This is a MOST TAKE course and I am extremely grateful to be part of this community!

Andrea Artes

Got My First Paid Client! I finally got my first paid client using the Creator Training Funnel Design Course! I learned a lot of new skills as I started this course from the bottom (when I knew nothing about web design). So yes! I’m so happy I’d decided to invest in myself and do this course. Definitely worth it!

Renzo Orlandini

Heyo! Renzo here. I wanted to come on here and say that Creator’s Training is the best investment I’ve made in 2022. It’s given me hope for a better future and as I continue to progress, I’m coming to a realization that there is no way for me to not succeed with the vast amount of knowledge and resources this course has to offer. I can hear the passion and enthusiasm in the voice of Julian and all the coaches. They truly want to see you win and will hold you accountable! One of the best parts about this course is the community and supportive environment we create. Thank you everyone for being part of our family!

Working with Julian and the team has by far been the best experience. The love for their business, training and their team really shows! Not a day goes by that I regret taking this opportunity. 100/10 recommend to anyone that comes to finding an interest in this training!

Matt Russo

Very detailed course and great coaches. You learn as fast as you would like. Provides you with the skill set to make your own money. Definitely try to get through the course at a good pace so you can get on the coaching calls. In my opinion this is where a lot of the value is.

Trenton Bird​

I have purchased so many online courses in the past. However, I haven’t found a single one that’s as in-depth and thorough as Julian’s. Creator’s Training delivered, and WITHOUT any fluff. Every second of every video provided valuable information and I never felt like any of it was wasting my time. If you are looking for an opportunity to change your life, Creators Training can definitely provide you with the tools to make it happen.

Matthius Fabella​

When I first heard about the program. I decided to take the plunge, and I was not disappointed. Honestly this course changed my life!

Nabi Azizi​

I just joined BUT I can tell this is one of the greatest thing that ever happened to my life, people i’ve met in here in the community are already landing 5K to 8K clients, which means I’m in the right place!

Abigail Hinds

After just one month, it’s completely unlocked a new level of drive I have for life and succeeding in ways I never dreamed possible! The team and community is so incredibly welcoming and supportive. The coaches go above and beyond to not only help out when I get stuck on something, but to also make sure I’m staying accountable to my goals and in the right mindset throughout this course. If you’re looking to learn a new skill, I highly recommend this course!

Zack Placencia​

I joined about a month ago and I’m absolutely loving it. I would say it’s waaay better than I imagined it. I’ve joined a few different courses before, but nothing compares to this. Julian is such a smart dude, very detailed, and actually cares about you getting results. The community within the program is phenomenal as well. Every day people post tips and successes stories that really provide value. I highly recommend, if you’re really looking to break out of the norms of society and become a design freelancer.

Alex Hendrie

The best part about this training program is the support in my opinion. There isn’t a question that goes unanswered. The Creators Training team goes above and beyond to make the process as easy as possible for us and basically hands us all of the assets we need to be successful. You don’t get thrown to the wolves, the community always has your back.

Sydney E

Absolutely LOVE creators training! I have learnt an incredible amount from these two amazing people. Julian and Jenny are some of the most helpful individuals! They truly want to see you succeed and help you every step of the way to achieve your dreams!

Zoe Townsend

The best bonus is the team that’s always there for us whenever we need help, they motivate us, cheer us, and make sure we reached our goals! I also LOVE Jenny she helps a lot people as do Julian. I’m so glad I met them. Once I got into training it has been motivate me to push myself and change my future!

Amanda Trizzino

Creator’s training has been an incredible and challenging experience thus far. As someone already 2 years into the freelance game, I was looking for the next step, what will help me continue to grow, put myself apart, and energize me moving forward. I happened to come across Julian’s VSL on instagram & it really resonated, so I took a leap of faith, bet on myself, and went for it. The community has been my favorite part of the entire course, having other like minded people from all over, working towards the same goal of bettering ourselves, pushing for our passions, and making some good money by helping business’ grow.

Riley Fissioli

Creators Training has been one of the best investments I’ve made in life so far. Julian and his team go above and beyond to deliver a world class course and created a driven community of entrepreneurs. I highly recommend making the decisions if you are wanting to change things for yourself.

Cameron Waters

The entire team wants you to succeed and is there to support you the entire way through. The best part of all of this is getting access to a community of other people that want to succeed and are going through the exact same process as you. 

Jonah Alexander

I loved Creators Training; Julian was probably one of the best mentors i’ve ever had. Anytime I had a question or concern, he was resourceful and creative in response. You’ll never have a problem under his training, and you’ll learn a lot during this program.

Ryan Petrilla